Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abraham: Sumerian or Akkadian

Noah was a Sumerian.. 

Was Abram (Abraham) an Akkadian or a Sumerian ?
 Abram name was found in many Akkadian inscriptions and tabletts,
together with the name of Benjamins.
 I think Abram was a Sumerian (I am not the first to have the idea)
because :
 -his fathers name is sumerian  (Tirhu = "Oracle Priest" in sumerian),
 -his family comes from and he was born in Ur City, sumerian city
devoted to Moon God Nannar.
 -his name is sumerian (Abram = "Father Beloved" in sumerian),
 -he changed his name to a semit name Abraham (="Father of a Multitude
 of Nations" in akkadian)
 -he changed the name of his wife from Sarai(=? in sumerian) to Sarah
 (=princess in akkadian)
 -he left the Gods of his ancestors (sumerian) adopted the highest
 semit God : EL. (also related to other afroasiatic father-gods)
-he adopted semitic uses like circonsition (used in Afro-Asiatic world
also like Egypt and Kouch).
 -read the Genesis 17...
 -read (Joshua 24:2) "Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel: Long ago
 your ancestors-Terah and his sons Abraham and Nahor... served other
I would like to know if those details given are correct and if any
searcher has found interesting informations on the Akkadian or Sumerian
tablets about
Abram ?
What did give the searches in the cities were Abram was living like Ur,
Haran, Canaan , Egypt, Nahor (Nakhur).
I read that no egyptian inscriptions were talking about Abram which is
quite strange since Egyptians used to write all the events ?

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