Monday, December 16, 2013

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Hadith collection and Ishmael to be sacrificed

In Musnad Ahmad, Number 2658, we are told:

The messenger of God said that Gabriel took Abraham to Jamra al-Aqabah (the upper Jamrah, the pillar or place for stoning) and then Satan appeared to him. Then he stoned Satan with seven stones so he fainted him to faint. Then he came to the middle Jamrah, and Satan again appeared to him. He again stoned him with seven stones causing Satan to faint. He then came to the lower Jamrah, and Satan again appeared to him. Again he stoned Satan, causing him to faint once again. Now when Abraham wanted to slaughter his son Isaac, he said his father, "Father, tie me so I don’t get afraid and my blood splash all over you when you slaughter me." So he took him and he tied him up, and then he took the knife. And when he wanted to slay him a voice called from behind him, "O Abraham, the vision has been fulfilled."

We have provided a rough translation of the Arabic text, which we post here for those interested in reading it for themselves:

حدثنا يونس أخبرنا حماد عن عطاء بن السائب عن سعيد بن جبير عن ابن عباس
أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال إن جبريل ذهب بإبراهيم إلى جمرة العقبة فعرض له الشيطان فرماه بسبع حصيات فساخ ثم أتى الجمرة الوسطى فعرض له الشيطان فرماه بسبع حصيات فساخ ثم أتى الجمرة القصوى فعرض له الشيطان فرماه بسبع حصيات فساخ فلما أراد إبراهيم أن يذبح ابنه إسحاق قال لأبيه يا أبت أوثقني لا أضطرب فينتضح عليك من دمي إذا ذبحتني فشده فلما أخذ الشفرة فأراد أن يذبحه نودي من خلفه
أن يا إبراهيم قد صدقت الرؤيا

 Hadith is da'if due to ikhtilat of 'Ata bin Sa'ib (i.e. the fact that he used to mix things up and confuse them habitually). Shaykh Shu'ayb al-Arnaut has graded it as Da'if. See Hadith 2794 in ar-Resala ed. of the Musnad. Beirut 2001

 A lengthy hadith from Ibn Abbas (No. 2707) mentions Isma'il. It is reliable according to the scholar mentioned.

 See Hadith 2707 pp.566-568 here

It is Arabic text plus english translation

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