Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comments on Various Arguements against Islam

Does Islam promote Violence against Non-Muslims? 

the winning arugment here , is "if you offer us peace, we will accept it."
David wood tried to pull a fast one by reading the rest of the page, which
only describes what happens IF they do NOT accept peace.
Wood was also refuted on the pont that, the text of the Quran does not teach
to fight BECAUSE they are non-believers.

Are Muslims worldwide Leaving Islam? 

CNN put out an article on why people are leaving Christianity. They produced statistics from PEW research. This guy has produced no evidence that people are leaving Islam from PEW or any kind of bonofide research center. It's all his own personal opinion :)

People cannot refute the scientific evidence for Islam 

 he can not refute the scientific evidence for Islam. 

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