Monday, April 22, 2013

JDNA Shared with Jews and Arabs

It's actually the opposite. J1 means you're Qahtani and J2 means you're Adnani. But you can find both J1 and J2 in all arab countries.

J1 is more common in Yemen because that's where Qahtani Arabs originate from. You can also find it in Saudi Arabia and among most arab bedouins. You can even find it in Palestine, Tunisia, Syria...

J2 is found throughout the mediterranean in countries like: Lebanon, Syria, Turkey (Kurds and maybe Turks), Greece, Italy and Israel. You can see it's not exclusive to Arabs.
Adnani Arabs are J2 and they are descended from Abraham and so are the Jews which is why Adnanis and Jews have J2 in common.

And you're right Phoenician haplogroup is J2. The Phoenicians were semetic tribes too.

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