Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Distribution of J DNA


Haplogroup J-M267[Phylogenetics 2] defined by the M267 SNP is in modern times most frequent in the Arabian Peninsula: Yemen (up to 76%),[Footnote 5] Saudi (up to 64%) (Alshamali 2009), Qatar (58%),[Footnote 6] and Dagestan (up to 56%).[Footnote 4] J-M267 is generally frequent among Arab Bedouins (62%),[Footnote 7] Ashkenazi Jews (20%) (Semino 2004), Algeria (up to 35%) (Semino 2004), Iraq (up to 33%) (Semino 2004),Tunisia (up to 31%),[Footnote 8] Syria (up to 30%), Egypt (up to 20%) (Luis 2004), and theSinai Peninsula. To some extant, the frequency of Haplogroup J-M267 collapses at the borders of Arabic/Semitic speaking territories with mainly non-Arabic/Semitic speaking territories, such as Turkey (9%), Iran (5%) and Northern Indian Shia (11%) (Dienekes 2009 and Cinnioglu 2004). However, it should be noted that some figures above tend to be the larger ones obtained in some studies, while the smaller figures obtained in other studies are omitted. It is also highly frequent among Jews, especially the Kohanim line (46%) (Hammer 2009).

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