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The Truth about Ibn Taymiyyah and the Satanic Verses

The Satanic Verses is found in Abu Ja'far Muhammad bin Jarir al-Tabari, The History of al-Tabari,
Volume VI, Muhammad at Mecca, W. Montgomery Watt and M. V.
McDonald, translators, (New York: State University of New York
Press, 1988), 107 and in Ibn Ishaq, 165.

However the Satanic Verses story has been proven false, over and over, so there is no reason to keep bringing it up. (Qur'an 17:73-75 is just a general statement. 

(Never sent We a messenger or a Prophet before thee) O Muhammad (but when he) the Prophet (recited (the message)) or spoke (Satan proposed (opposition) about that which he recited thereof) such that he does not act upon it. (But Allah abolisheth) but Allah elucidates (that which Satan proposeth) on the tongue of His Prophet such that he does not act upon it. (Then Allah establisheth) then He clarifies (His revelations) for His Prophet in order that he acts upon them. (Allah is Knower) of that which Satan proposes, (Wise) He decrees to abolish it; (Ibn Abbaas, Tanwîr al-Miqbâs min Tafsîr Ibn 'Abbâs, Commentary on Surah 22:52, Source)  

Ibn Kathir also happens to mention that the narrations regarding this story are weak...
At this point many of the scholars of Tafsir mentioned the story of the Gharaniq and how many of those who had migrated to Ethiopia came back when they thought that the idolators of the Quraysh had become Muslims, but these reports all come through Mursal chains of narration and I do not think that any of them may be regarded as Sahih. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Source
David Wood also Brings up that Ibn Ishaq, Al-Waqidi have narrated the story, however as we have seen before Ibn Ishaq has been condemned by great Islamic scholars such as Imam Malik and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal for being careless in complying his information and Al Waqidi has been called a liar several times by Islamic scholars. 

You are a liar, show me where Ibn Taymiyyah said that it was on the Prophet's tongue. You liar, I have his full fatwa in Arabic infront of me. But you a low life punk who does nothing all day but mock and insult other people's faiths without any evidence. 

And since David Wood is proud of the fact that he cited Ibn Taymiyyah, why didn't he also mention that Ibn Taymiyyah concluded by looking at the narrations, that the statement was ONLY PLACED INTO THE EARS OF THE DISBELIEVERS and not that the Prophet uttered it. (Majmu Fatawa, Volume 2, page 282)

Secondly, Ben Malik the ignoramus is not aware of the fact that the narrations regarding the Satanic verses are sooo contradictory, that some narrations state Satan threw the statement but not on the tongue of the Prophet AND THE MUSLIMS DID NOT HEAR THAT STATEMENT. But Satan ONLY tricked the disbelievers into hearing it. 

So yes of course the disbelievers would like the verse because it praises their idols. But the Muslims never heard it. So your argument regarding the falsification of the Quranic challenge is not based on any strong historical evidence. 

Some narrations as I stated don't even show that it was the Muslims that fell for it. 

For more details, see Mohar Ali's book on my website and go to page 202 on the acrobat reader or on page 700 of his book. 

lol, what stringent historical method did Ibn Taymiyyah use for the satanic verses? Share that with me and don't just appeal to authority.

Didn't I quote other big shot scholars who went against Ibn Taymiyyah? Didn't I then go on to say that we shouldn't appeal to authority and that we should see who has the evidence and that at the end of the day there is no fully connected chain for the event? Didn't I?

Again people, knowledgeable Muslims don't take these arguments seriously.

There are MAJOR, not minor, MAJOR contradictions between the Satanic verses narrations. So how on earth can we take them seriously? 

SOME narrations say that the Muslims never even heard the verses, but it was only the disbelievers. So why don't you accept this narration? Isn't the fact that some narrations that state that the Prophet never uttered them contradicting the ones that say he did A HUGE CONTRADICTION? Yes, it is. So why do you choose one of those fabricated narrations over the other?

Yahya, you are right. I will leave this convo unless i see something worth addressing. 

As for David Wood and the Ibn Taymiyyah quote. He actually has to provide the quote from Ibn Tayimyyah himself and not just cite someone who said that this was Ibn Taymiyyah's position.

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